Mission Statement

Patriot Properites and Patriot Investment Funds LLC’s sole purpose is to acquire assets that create financial independence and freedom for investors, partners, sellers, and the members of the organization.

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The Vision

Give the opportunity for thousands of people to afford homeownership. We believe every family in this country should have a realistic opportunity to own their own home in a safe, clean, affordable neighborhood, period!

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Investment Strategy

Our goal is to grow the company and continue to expand our portfolio nationwide. We work as a team to find existing real estate assets that are under-performing with immediate upside potential. We add value to the asset, quickly refinance or sell for a profit, or hold for monthly cash flow.

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How are we different from any other Real Estate Investment Company?

We find the deal first! Either you’re an inside investor or outside. True investors know that to find a deal, you have to find the opportunity before anyone else.

How do we find real opportunities?

We have a telemarketing department that calls commercial property owners 5 days a week 6 hours per day, specifically looking for non-performing commercial assets with tremendous upside.

What opportunities do we look for?

The Company’s main focus is to work as a team to find and purchase existing mobile home parks that are under-performing, with immediate upside potential. We simply we add value to the asset, quickly sell the asset for profit or hold it to receive monthly cash flow.

Cash flow is life blood of our business and your investment.

Aerial image of trailer park homes


Patriot Real Estate mobile home parks (MHP) are located specifically in the West, Midwest, Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast regions of the United States.

The asset needs to yield a minimum “actual cap rate” of 7-12%, and have the ability to increase the cap to 10-15% within 3 years.

Our specific focus is on “value add investments” The ideal outcome is to increase the value of the asset by 20% to 100% within 2 to 4 years. Once the property is a stabilized, we refinance the property, allowing the partnership to receive the majority, if not all of the initial capital back , and possibly a portion of the increased value as well.

Simply put, "We do whatever it takes to find a find and purchase quality Mobile Home Communites at a 7 to 10 cap, make the necessary improvements to create a 10-20+ cap within 2-3 years, and then sell or refinance the park at accruing values within 5 years.”